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Gammadyne Clyton 17.0
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Clyton is a feature-rich email client designed to keep your emails private and filter spam messages.The spam filter is highly configurable and supports DNS blacklist checking (DNSBL). Expect 85% of spam to be eliminated with the default configuration. Email that is suspicious but not obviously spam is quarantined for 24 hours and then retested. The built-in address book supports personalized mass-mailings. Received email cannot run scripts, download multimedia, or use embedded objects without the user's approval.

Other features include encrypted storage, whitelisting, powerful HTML editor, attachment viewer, message drag and drop, custom message templates, SSL encryption or USB flash drive installation.

Key Features:

Clyton can be installed to a USB flash drive (a.k.a. thumb drive, memory stick). This allows you to run Clyton from any computer.
Built-in address book supports custom fields and import / export.
Send personalized mass mail to a filtered set of address book contacts.
Supports text search in a single folder or globally.
Whitelisting prevents false positives by the spam engine. Whitelisted senders and address book contacts are never treated as spam.
Supports message templates with merged fields.
Message drag & drop supported.
Attachment viewer supports a wide variety of image formats, HTML, and MIME. Images can be zoomed in and out.
Multithreaded design keeps the user interface responsive. Receiving, sending, and spam checking are performed in the background by worker threads.
Compose email formatted in HTML with a powerful editor. Includes spell-checking.
Supports both POP3 and IMAP4 mail server protocols.
Works with Gmail and Yahoo.
Messages can be organized in folders and color coded.
Multiple messages can be selected with the Shift and Ctrl keys. The following features can operate on multiple messages: Delete, Forward, Redirect, Save, Shred, Drag & Drop, and Color Coding.
The Forward and Redirect features support multiple destination addresses.
Old messages can be automatically deleted (by age or count) from the Trash and Spam folders.
Attachments can be automatically included in newly composed messages.
Reminds of birthdays and anniversaries.
Highly configurable user interface.


* Added support for S/MIME in received emails:
* Emails enclosed by an S/MIME envelope will now display correctly, and can be tested for spam.
* Encrypted emails can now be decrypted. They will now display correctly, and can be tested for spam.
* Emails with an incorrect S/MIME signature will be flagged with the warning icon just like bad DKIM/DomainKeys signatures.
* Clicking on a portrait in the Messages List will now open the Address Book to the corresponding contact. There is a new setting on the Settings branch that allows you to change this to a double click, or disable it altogether.
* List Viewer: added the ability to sort unread messages at the top.
* Added the "Immediately Mark As Read" Mailbox property.
* Undo Last Deletion: if multiple selected emails were deleted together at the same time, this will now recover all of them.
* Compose: Zip Attachments: added the ability to encrypt and password protect the Zip file.
* Mailbox Properties: Layout: there is now a preview of how the layout will appear.
* View Attachments: added support for Rich Text (.RTF) files.
* Added the "Messages List Button Appearance". This controls what appears in the buttons below the Messages List. It allows you to hide the text, the icon, or the buttons altogether.
* Clyton will now attempt to automatically discover the correct PTR record for your computer's network adapter, and use this when issuing the EHLO SMTP command. Some mail servers foolishly try to evaluate the EHLO command, so this will help eliminate a rare source of failure.
* The "Shred Old Messages" setting has changed from a checkbox to a combobox named "Shred When". It now has the added choice to shred all emails rather than simply deleting them.
* Added the "Replied Icon Color" setting to the Settings branch. This allows you to change the color of the "Replied" icon, which appears in the Folder Viewer next to an email that has been replied to. Previously this icon was always yellow.
* The "Auto-Switch" setting has changed from a checkbox to a combobox. It now has the added choice to prefer the Email Viewer's 'Text' tab over 'HTML'.
* Crop Portrait: it is now possible to click and drag the selection to a new position.
* Editbox: Search/Replace: added support for Regular Expressions.
* HTML Editor: the "Insert Hyperlink" tool will now revert to the "Hyperlink Properties" tool if a hyperlink is already present.
* Add Trusted Address: there is now a drop-down list that contains all of the email addresses found in the current email.
* The "Double Click" setting has a new option to edit the email.
* Added an option to make the portraits in the Messages List circular instead of rectangular. This option is enabled by default.
* Added an option to hide the portraits in the Messages List.
* HTML Viewer: added a "Copy Image" tool when right clicking on an image.
* HTML Editor: Insert Hyperlink: this now allows hyperlinks to an email address by specifying the "mailto:" prefix.
* When a Mailbox is created, a sample welcome email is now placed in the Inbox.
* Raw HTML Editor: the "Paste Text" tool will now create functioning hyperlinks anywhere it detects a URL.
* HTML Editor: Import CSV As Table: the user can now choose which columns should be imported.
* Added a "Speak" tool to the Help viewer.
* If it takes more than a second to shred the selected messages, a progress window will appear.
* HTML Viewer: the hyperlink balloon is now hidden when the mouse wheel is spun.
* Reply/All: this now ensures the address in the To: header does not also appear in the CC: header.
* Import Contacts: the column mapping is now automatically configured when importing a Gmail export file.
* Compose: Insert Button: the drop shadow is now optional.
* Compose/Template: added the ability to delete a template.
* Now supports installation to a path that contains unicode.
* Email Viewer: Attachments: Open With: if the attachment has no extension, its Content-Type header is now used to provide a default so that the "Open With" sub-menu will list the appropriate applications.
* Redirect: The To: field now has focus initially, and the pre-populated text is now selected by default so that you can begin typing over it. The escape key will now abort this dialog.
* Mailbox Properties: Signature Font: added an "Append" button, which allows you to choose a font from the drop down list, then appends that font to the editbox without overwriting it.
* Contacts: the number of years married is now displayed.
* Mailbox/Folder Properties: Local Storage: added an "Explore" button.
* Compose: Verify Links: added the ability to pause the operation.
* Encrypt/Decrypt: this now reports the path of the folder that is affected, and the number of emails it contains.
* When right clicking on the Incoming Script, the "Help" option will now say something like "Help - foo()" if the right click was on a function call.
* HTML Editor: there is now a "Tools" button in the bottom right corner of the Raw HTML editbox.
* Save Attachment: if the attachment is text with a UTF-8 byte order mark, but the text only contains ASCII, the useless byte order mark is now omitted from the saved file.
* Contacts: the reported age is now instantly updated whenever the birthday is edited.
* G-Merge: date_current() now has an optional parameter that, if TRUE, omits the time from the returned value.
* Compose: the Import/Export tools now support unicode in the filepath.
* Added the "Hyperborean" skin.
* Create Mailbox: Incoming and Outgoing Encryption now default to "Optional" rather than "Disabled", as most mail servers now support it.
* Right clicking on a Mailbox branch will no longer show a "Send" option unless there are emails in the Outbox.
* Fixed: Spam Check tool: the "To: header contains address other than" spam clause was not displaying the email address (since 15.0).
* Fixed: Spam Clauses were not detecting URL's in the text body if they include a port number.
* Fixed: HTML Viewer: the hyperlink balloon was sometimes not appearing if the document was scrolled.
* Fixed: Compose: changing the HTML editor's toolbar size was not instantly adjusting the toolbar's height.
* Fixed: Messages Table: the Minimize Column Width tool, when used on the New column, was not making the column wide enough.
* Fixed: the arrival of a birthday/anniversary reminder was not updating the current email selection.
* Fixed: Play Sound On Arrival: the Device field was sometimes not remembering its value. A new technique is used to recall this field which is tolerant of minor changes to the device name.
* Fixed: HTML Editor: right clicking on a hyperlinked image was not always displaying the "Hyperlink Properties" option on the context menu.
* Fixed: HTML Editor: clicking on an image then using the Insert Hyperlink tool was not working.
* Fixed a rare SSL connection error.
* Fixed: View Attachments: when viewing many text attachments, they were being displayed too short or not at all.


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